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LFO Calculator 2.0

The original Washington State LFO Calculator was built under the guidance (and Excel spreadsheet) of Judge Linda Coburn, then the District Judge of Edmonds, Washington. Its construction was informed by her years of experience as a judge and a painstaking review of all the relevant statutes.

With the 2.0 approach, the focus shifts to attempting to build a generalizable open-source LFO Calculator plaftorm by building upon an open-source language called Catala. Catala provides a functional programming approach to legal documents that directly incorporates the legal methodology, such as it is, of statute language.

The goal is to produce a generalized set of programming constructs that, while initially linked to the statutes of the State of Hawaii, could easily be migrated to statutes of other jurisdictions.

In so doing, we hope to build a body of knowledge and contributors to ensure the fair and justifiable application of LFOs and other sentencing obligations upon defendants.